No More Ply 1200x800x12mm Tile Backer Boards

No More Ply 1200x800x12mm Tile Backer Boards

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12mm No More Ply is used for boarding vertical studs before tiling avoiding tiling onto plasterboard or plywood which weakens when it gets damp.

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£13.80 inc.VAT (£11.50 ex.VAT)
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12mm thick No More Ply tile backer board is a new product designed for overboarding solid walls, and stud walls, before installing tiles.

It’s the way we all did it in the past.... plywood was used for overboarding floorboards and walls before laying or fixing ceramic, stone or porcelain tiles. However, this caused problems because if the grouting cracked or the sealant failed water would creep in and rot the plywood or plasterboard. There could also be the problem of fungal growth which often reacted with the adhesive causing the tiles to become loose. A new problem associated with tiling onto cheap imported plywood is that often adhesive will not adhere well to it because of residues which come on the boards.

Now there is a solution to eliminate all of these problems - a unique, easy to lay, tile backer board that is just as effective on walls as it is on the floor. Introducing the modern solution, No More Ply, the ultimate tile backing board.

Key Benefits of No More Ply 1200x800x12mm Tile Backer Boards

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Cost Effective - Inexpensive to buy, fast to install, and reliable.
  • Extremely strong so ideal for heavy tiles.
  • Fits flush with any surrounding plasterboard.
  • No More Ply boards are not moisture sensitive.
  • Incombustible - free of asbestos and will not burn.
  • Easy to cut using a normal handsaw.
  • Will not rot.
  • 13.5 kg per board

For installation instructions and further information please click the data sheets tab and download the required file. 

Safety First
Just a note on safety. As with any type of building, tiling or construction work that includes tools, knives and solvents please take appropriate steps to protect yourself before commencing the work.

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