Aquafix Tile Backer Board 1200x600x10mm

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Aquafix Tile Backer Board 1200x600x10mm

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Aquafix Tile Backer Board is a high performance board, consisting of a waterproof extruded polystyrene (XPS) core faced with fibreglass mesh embedded into a polymer mortar on each side, which adds extra strength and rigidity to the board.

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List Price: £12.48 inc.VAT
£8.32 inc.VAT (£6.93 ex.VAT)
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Available in a wide range of thicknesses, Aquafix Tile Backer Board can be used with all kinds of substrates and is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. The board is totally waterproof and rot resistant, making it the ideal solution for tiling wet areas such as bathroom walls, showers and wetrooms. The board is lightweight, easy to handle, and can be easily cut and shaped with a sharp knife.

Installing Aquafix Tile Backer onto floorboards with adhesive and metal fixing washers will strength the floor in preparation for tiling. As a result of it’s versatility and strength, Aquafix Tile Backer has a distinct advantages over cement, gypsum and timber based alternatives.

Aquafix Tile Backer Board provides two main benefits in one board:-

  • Provides a superior waterproof and strengthened surface for direct fixing of wall and floor tiles.
  • Provides excellent insulation and fast warm up times when used in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Whether creating partitions, insulating a floor for electrical underfloor heating, or increasing the strength of a floor, Aquafix Tile Backer Board is the versatile board for all tiling applications.

Key Features of Aquafix Tile Backer Board


Easy to transport and handle. No static extra load requirements when used on timber floors, balcony roofs and attic conversions.

High Strength:

Suitable for heavy duty applications. Aquafix Tile Backer can hold a tile weight of 60kg per m², double that of standard lining board. With a high compressive strength of 300 kPa (30 tonnes/m²), Aquafix Tile Backer Board can be used on virtually any tiled floor.

Impervious to Moisture:

The board will remain dimensionally stable, even in high humidity situations. Being completely waterproof, as opposed to merely water-resistant means that no water at all can be absorbed into the core of the board. As a result, the board will not bend, bow, or distort in the way that plasterboard can. For this reason, Aquafix Tile Backer Board can be used in many situations including wet rooms and steam rooms.


Minimal heat transfer to adjacent materials e.g. windowsills, ground bearing concrete slabs and external applications, XPS (extruded polystyrene) is one of the most effective insulation materials available and also has the benefit that its thermal insulation properties are not affected whatsoever by wet or damp conditions. Other softer insulation materials absorb water, leading to the material losing its insulating properties.


Quick and simple to work with. Easy to create curves and profiles. Time saving = cost saving.


Suitable for use on metal and timber studwork, or on existing floors and walls to cover unstable and uneven surfaces.

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