Hardie Backer 250 - 1200x800x6mm Tile Backer Boards

Hardie Backer 250 - 1200x800x6mm Tile Backer Boards

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Cement based re-enforcing tile backer boards. Hardie Backer is highly water and mould resistant. Hardie Backer 500 and Hardie Backer 250 are BBA Approved tile backing boards and provide a perfect surface tiling onto.

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£12.30 inc.VAT (£10.25 ex.VAT)
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James Hardie's Hardie Backer Boards are tried and tested the world over. For many professionals there is only one choice when it comes to tiling in wet areas, or when an unstable substrate like timber needs to be firmed up before tiling.

Whether you are installing or refurbishing a bathroom or a kitchen HardieBacker cement board is the perfect solution for wet area floors, walls and countertops. Particularly suitable for tiling around baths, wetrooms, showers and in kitchens.

Hardie Backer tiling boards provide the greatest flexural and compressive strength available, while also offering MouldBlock Technology. This is a no mesh board which is easy to cut, even in tight spaces. It contains no paper facing which can be a food source for mould, or gypsum, which can disintegrate when wet.

Hardie Backer 250 and Hardie Backer 500 cement board is backed by a limited 10 year product warranty.

Basic Tile Backer Board Composition:
Portland Cement, ground sand, cellulose and selected attitives. HardieBacker cement backer board does NOT contain asbestos, gypsum, glass fibre or formaldehyde. Hardie Backer has proprietary formulation which includes high pressure autoclaving. This creates a dimensionally stable product, essential for good tiling.

Approved Product By Hardie Backer:
HardieBacker board has been evaluated by the BBA and both the 500 and 250 boards have been approved with certificate No 04/4100. Hardie Backer tile backer boards also meet EN12467 standard and its reaction to fire is A1, S1-d0, meaning it is non combustible.


You may require flexible tile adhesive, self-drilling screws and a carbide tipped scoring knife.

Hardie Backer Weight:

Hardie Backer 250 comes in 1200x800x6mm, and weighs 7Kg / Board


Can Hardie® Backer board 6 mm be used in a shower wall application?

Yes. Hardie® Backer 6mm can be used on masonry or stud walls. If used on a stud wall, the perimeters of all boards must be fully supported, this may require the installation of additional horizontal noggins.

How do I cut Hardie® Backer tile backer board?

Hardie® Backer board should be cut using HardieBacke® score and snap knife, available from your stockist.

What is Hardie® Backer tiling backer board made of?

It is made of 90 % Portland cement and ground sand, 10 % cellulose and selective additives. It contains no asbestos, formaldehyde, gypsum or glass fibre.

Can I use Hardie® Backer cement backerboard in conjunction with under floor heating?

Yes, Hardie® Backer cement backerboard is suitable for under floor heating. It should always be placed between the structural timber floor and the heating element. Never place heating under Hardie® Backer cement backerboard as there is a risk of damaging the system when fixing down the backerboard.

Which should I use, Hardie® Backer 6 mm or Hardie® Backer 12 mm cement backerboard?

Hardie® Backer 6 mm is used on floors as it decreases the transition to other surfaces. It can also be used on masonry walls, or on a stud wall. When placed on a stud wall, an extra noggin is required. Hardie® Backer 12 mm cement backerboard is ideal for using on stud walls and provides enhanced impact resistance. It can also be used on the floor if addition height build up is required. Both products hold up to 200 kg/sqm of tile, so either or is appropriate for heavy tile.

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