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Mapei Topcem Pronto 25Kg - Full Pallet Deal - 40 bags

FREE 2-3 DAY DELIVERY For forming unbonded and bonded screeds on new and existing slabs in interiors and exteriors prior to installing wood PVC, linoleum, ceramic tile, natural stone, carpet or other floor coverings.
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Pre-blended ready-to-use mortar with normal setting for fast-drying screeds (4 days)

CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO EN 13813 Screeds prepared with Topcem Pronto in accordance with the specifications described in this technical data sheet are classified as CT - C30 - F6 - A1fl in compliance with the European Norm EN 13813.

For forming unbonded and bonded screeds on new and existing slabs in interiors and exteriors prior to installing wood, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tile, natural stone, carpet, or other floor coverings in areas where fast-drying screeds are required in order to lay floorings in a short time.

Some application examples
• Forming screeds that are trafficable in 12 hours and completely dry in 4 days, for installing wood parquet and resilient flooring such as rubber, PVC, linoleum, etc.
• Screeds that are ready to receive ceramic tiles after 24 hours and natural stone flooring after 2 days.
• Repairing screeds in areas where it is required to lay floorings in a short time (e.g. supermarkets, shops, residences, offices, etc.).
• Forming heated screeds without the need for polymer additives.

Topcem Pronto is a pre-blended ready to use mortar with normal setting and controlled shrinkage based on a special hydraulic binder and graded aggregate.
Topcem Pronto is extremely easy to use: just mix with water. This prevents mistakes from being made in adding the correct amount of binder and properly graded aggregate, which could compromise the final performance characteristics of the screed when cured.
Topcem Pronto is the ideal solution where good quality graded aggregate is hard to find or for job sites such as those in city centres where the logistics involved in mixing conventional binders can be difficult.
Topcem Pronto is workable for the same length of time as conventional cement based mortars but cures much faster.

• Do not use Topcem Pronto on substrates subject to rising damp (place a vapour barrier in between).
• Do not mix Topcem Pronto with other binders (e.g. Mapecem, Topcem, cement, lime, gypsum, etc.) or aggregate.
• Mix Topcem Pronto with the correct amount of water.
• Do not add water to the Topcem Pronto mix once it has begun to set.
• Do not wet the surface of the Topcem Pronto screed.