Mapei Latexplan No Ammonia Levelling Compound - Full Pallet - 48 Bags & Bottles

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Mapei Latexplan No Ammonia Levelling Compound - Full Pallet - 48 Bags & Bottles

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Two-part, fast-setting, cement based levelling compound suitable for use over the most existing adhesive residues (including bitumen) and onto plywood substrates.

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FULL PALLET - 48 x 25kg & 48 x 4.4kg - FREE ECONOMY DELIVERY (Approx. 2-3 WORKING DAYS)*

*Full pallet deals are shipped directly from Mapei. For same day despatch, orders need to be placed before 12.30pm. A tail-lift will be specified for the unloading of the pallet. Please include any important delivery instructions/access in the "Notes" when completing your order. 

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Two-part, fast-setting, cement based levelling compound suitable for use over the most existing adhesive residues (including bitumen) and onto plywood substrates. Resilient floor coverings can be installed after 4 hours.

Latexplan No Ammonia is suitable for levelling differences in thickness between 3mm to 10mm on new and existing
substrates. It can be used over most existing adhesive residues, including bitumen. Also suitable for use over plywood
substrates and MAPEI surface applied DPMs in most cases without priming. Accepts subsequent floor coverings in 4
hours. In most cases, priming is not required.

  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating.
  • Moisture tolerant; can be applied below surface applied damp proof membranes.

Some application examples
Smoothing plywood, concrete floors, sand:cement screeds, MAPEI Mapecem and Topcem screeds. For smoothing over
existing floors in concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone without priming. And over any MAPEI surface
applied DPM’s.

Latexplan No Ammonia is a two-part cement based smoothing compound consisting of a grey powder (part A)
containing special cements, graded silica sands and additives, to be mixed with a synthetic rubber latex (part B).
Latexplan No Ammonia can receive light foot traffic after approximately 60 minutes and is ready to receive floor coverings
after 4hrs, depending on the ambient temperature.
Latexplan No Ammonia has a very low odour, making it suitable for use in confined and inhabited areas, where working
and/or occupation needs to be maintained.
Latexplan No Ammonia should not be mixed with any additional latex or water.

Preparation of the substrate
The subfloor must be clean, structurally sound and free from grease, oil, paint, polish, dust, plaster droppings, surface
contamination and any water softenable or loosely adhered materials. Any remaining adhesive residues should be
checked to ensure that they are hard, sound and are not water softenable and have sufficient cohesive strength to receive
a levelling compound. Bitumen residues must be hard and fully bonded to the substrate.
Where moisture sensitive floorcoverings are to be installed, a British Standard approved test should indicate a moisture
level of 75% RH or less. If this level has not been achieved the use of a MAPEI surface membrane will control residual/static
moisture in cementitious substrates.
Plywood substrates must be securely fixed in accordance with BS8203 i.e using minimum 6 mm external grade plywood
or similar.

For gypsum and anhydrite substrates the maximum moisture level should be 0.5% w/w as measured with a carbide
hygrometer. In all cases, no higher than the level recommended by the manufacturer of the floorcovering. A suitable
primer must be applied, such as MAPEI Eco Prim T Plus, prior to applying the smoothing compound to anhydrite or
gypsum based screeds

On highly porous and absorbent surfaces, a coat of primer prior to the application will prevent pinholes within the
surface, providing a smooth even finish.
MAPEI Eco Prim T Plus acrylic primer may be used on all absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. For difficult and nonabsorbent surfaces use MAPEI Eco Prim Grip Plus. For marine use apply a thin coat of MAPEI Eco Prim Marine onto the
clean dry surface without leaving pools of primer an the surface. allow the primer to dry (35-40 minutes) then apply
MAPEI Latexplan No Ammonia.
MAPEI Mapeproof ESM and Mapeproof One Coat surface applied DPMs will only need priming if left for more than 18
hours. MAPEI Mapeproof 1K Turbo must be primed prior to the application of MAPEI Latexplan No Ammonia.

Mix 20 kg of Latexplan No Ammonia part A powder into 4.4 kg of Latexplan No Ammonia part B liquid. The Latexplan No
Ammonia part B liquid container should be shaken and poured into a clean mixing container. The Latexplan No Ammonia
part A powder is then added gradually whilst continually stirring with a mixing paddle attached to a slow-speed drill. The
mixed product has a working time of approximately 20 minutes at +23ÆC.
Do not add any additional latex liquid or water.
Do not over mix the products as this may create excessive heat and cause the mixed product to cure too quickly.

The mixed product is poured onto the prepared sub-floor and spread with a smoothedged
trowel to the required thickness in one operation. Additionally, the use of a spiked aeration roller will ensure a smooth
even finish that will not require any further attention prior to the floor coverings being installed.
Latexplan No Ammonia can be applied from featheredge to 10mm, although a minimum 3mm thickness is
recommended to provide the optimum absorption for the adhesive, apply at a minimum floor temperature of +5 C or
Drying at normal temperatures Latexplan No Ammonia is set to receive light foot traffic after 60 minutes and bonded
floor coverings after 4hrs.
N.B. Latexplan No Ammonia will remain a darker colour even when cured after 4 hours.

Cleaning equipment
All tools and mixing containers should be washed and cleaned immediately after use before the material hardens.

One unit (part A + part B) will cover approximately 5m² at 3 mm thickness.

Latexplan No Ammonia Part A has a storage life of approximately 12 months if stored in dry conditions.
Latexplan No Ammonia part B has a storage life of approximately 24 months if stored in dry conditions and protected
from frost.

Instructions for the safe use of our products can be found on the latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, available from
our website or

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