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Mapei Adesilex P10 Tile Adhesive 25kg - WHITE - Half Pallet - 20 Bags

HALF PALLET - 20 x 25kg. High performance white cementitious adhesive, with no vertical slip and extended open time for glass, ceramic and marble mosaic.
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HALF PALLET - 20 x 25kg

*Half pallet deals are shipped directly from Mapei. For same day despatch, orders need to be placed before 12.30pm. A tail-lift will be specified for the unloading of the pallet. Please include any important delivery instructions/access in the "Notes" when completing your order. 

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High performance white cementitious adhesive, with no vertical slip and extended open time for glass, ceramic and marble mosaic

Interior and exterior floor and wall bonding of:

  • front and reverse side installation of normal or heavy weight glass, ceramic and marble mosaic. Some application examples Adesilex P10:
  • Bonding of ceramic, glass and marble mosaic on cementitious renders, from the top towards the bottom.
  • Bonding mosaic on not planar substrates, without tiles slipping.
  • Bonding mosaic on gypsum board panels. Adesilex P10 mixed with Isolastic diluted 1:1 with water:
  • Bonding mosaic in swimming pools on renders or on substrates waterproofed with Mapelastic.
  • Internal bonding of mosaic on existing ceramic tiles.
  • Bonding small sized ceramic tiles (not larger than 300 cm2) on renders in swimming pools.

Adesilex P10 is a particularly fine white powder composed of cement, graded aggregates, synthetic resins and special additives according to a formulation developed in MAPEI’s research laboratories. Adesilex P10 mixed with the correct amount of water or Isolastic becomes a mortar with the following features:

  • white in colour. It enhances the colours of glass mosaic tiles;
  • a creamy paste which is easily workable;
  • excellent adhesion to all conventional materials used in building;
  • highly thixotropic: Adesilex P10 can be applied on a vertical surface without sagging or slipping even when heavy tiles are used. Mosaic tiles can be installed from the top towards the bottom without using spacer pegs;
  • particularly extended open and adjustability time, making installation easier.

Adesilex P10 is an improved (2) slip resistant (T) cementitious adhesive (C) with extended open time (E) of class C2TE.

Adesilex P10 is CE marked, as declared in ITT certificate n° 94140201.101 (SFV) issued by the Säurefliesner-Vereinigung e.V. Grossburgwedel laboratory (Germany).