Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate - Full Pallet - 48 x 20kg - Superior Flow Smoothing Underlayment


Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate - Full Pallet - 48 x 20kg - Superior Flow Smoothing Underlayment

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Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate is a semi-rapid curing, high performance free flowing single part smoothing underlayment. The product’s unique formulation consists of a powdered blend of cements, polymers, graded fillers and additives.

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Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate is a semi-rapid curing, high performance free flowing single part smoothing underlayment. The product’s unique formulation consists of a powdered blend of cements, polymers, graded fillers and additives. It incorporates Ecosphere technology which is made with 20% recycled material for improved application and reduced environmental impact. Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate is suitable over a wide range of subfloors at depths between 2-12mm and up to 30mm over good solid substrates such as concrete.

  • Designed for UFH
  • Apply floor coverings after 4 hours
  • Suitable for use over old adhesive residues
  • Contains 20% recycled material
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all substrates
  • No need to prime*
    *See datasheet for substrate types


Applied Thickness Coverage Per 20kg bag (approx.)

3mm Thickness - 4.0m² 
5mm Thickness - 2.4m²
12mm Thickness - 1.0m²
30mm Thickness - 0.4m²

It is designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including: concrete, sand & cement, calcium sulphate/anhydrite/hemihydrate screeds, existing cementitious underlayments, damp proof membranes, surface electrical radiant heating systems, flooring grade plywood, rigid steel, flooring grade asphalt and hard sound bitumen residues, cement or thermal backer boards porcelain, ceramic, quarry or terrazzo floors and moisture tolerant adhesive residues.

Decorative floor coverings can be applied to the internal subfloors in as little as 4 hours after the application of Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate. Its protein free formulation means it is ideal for use in biologically sensitive areas.

A moisture tolerant formulation makes it suitable for the pre-smoothing of floors prior to the application of surface damp proof membranes (DPM) and moisture vapour suppressants (MVS).

Due to its excellent adhesion characteristics, it can be used on most common substrates without the need to prime.


All surfaces must be dry and in a sound and stable condition free from contaminants that may prevent adhesion such as dust, oils, grease, surface laitance, water soluble adhesive residues and weak smoothing underlayments etc.

Smooth dense surfaces can be roughened by mechanical scabbling to enhance the key. Subfloors should be tested in accordance with BS8203 to ensure a moisture reading of less than 75% RH is achieved.

Where this has not been attained or where there is uncertainty that the subfloor design incorporates a Damp Proof Course (DPC) then Ultra Floor DPM IT or Ultra Floor Suppress IT must be applied (see relevant Ultra Floor product technical datasheet).

Ultra Tile recommend consultation with subfloor preparation equipment suppliers to ensure correct equipment for the substrates is selected. All substrates must be at a minimum temperature of 5°C before, during and after application of the primer to ensure film forming and bonding is achieved.

Please refer to ProLevel Ultimate’s datasheet for surface preparation of various substrate types, available at www.ultratileadhesives.co.uk


Absorbent Subfloors (concrete, sand & cement, plywood etc): Priming is not required for the purpose of adhesion. Note: To ensure a pinhole free surface is attained priming can be carried out using Ultra Tile Pro Primer, where this is not important such as applications of textiles or loose lay laminate flooring, priming may be omitted. Subfloors must be sound, stable, free from dust, grease and all debris. Any remaining residues should be firmly bonded, hard and not soluble to water. Specific priming requirements are needed for calcium sulphate/anhydrite/hemihydrate screeds.

Non-absorbent Subfloors (epoxy resin damp proof membranes, moisture tolerant adhesive residues, flooring grade asphalt, porcelain, ceramic, quarry and terrazzo floors, steel mezzanine decks, access panels etc):

Priming is not required for the purpose of adhesion, it is also not required with applications to Ultra Floor DPM IT or Ultra Floor Suppress IT as long as Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate is applied within 12 hours of application and it is trafficable.


Pour 4 litres of cold clean water into an oversized bucket (20 litres or more capacity). Gradually add the powder whilst continually mixing using an electric drill fitted with a power whisk, suitable for use with cement materials. After completely adding the powder, continue mixing for a further 2 minutes, keeping the whisk below the surface of the product to minimise air entrainment, until a lump free creamy material is attained. Do not add further water.


Pour onto the floor and spread with a smooth edge steel trowel. Ultra Tile Pro Level Ultimate has exceptional flow characteristics, a spiked roller may be used to further improve the finish particularly between adjacent units of product. Only spike roll whilst the product is still in its fluid state, typically up to 20 minutes after application.

Calcium Sulphate/Anhydrite/Hemihydrate Screeds: Mechanically remove any laitance and provide a sound, clean, dry and dust-free surface. The relative humidity within the subfloor must read below 75% RH prior to the application of a barrier primer (damp proof membranes and moisture

vapour suppressants are not recommended). These types of screeds often incorporate warm water underfloor heating systems (see relevant manufacturers’ technical datasheet) which can be used, along with dehumidifiers, to speed up the drying process. Manufacturers normally suggest this can be conducted after 7 days minimum curing.

Apply Ultra Tile ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to fully dry overnight. Apply a second coat diluted 1:1 with clean water allowing it to dry to a clear film (usually 1-2 hours).

Plywood/Tile Backer Board: Plywood must be of flooring grade and mechanically fixed to a sound strong base.

Ultra Tile ProLevel Ultimate is only recommended for use with plywood of 15mm thickness and greater. Tile backer boards of 6mm thickness. Plywood must be sealed on the underside and along all edges to ensure moisture absorption from beneath is kept minimal. For thinner flooring grade plywood subfloors contact Ultra Tile’s technical department. Plywood and tile backer board absorbency differs depending on the nature of the surface. Normally a diluted coat of Ultra Tile

ProPrimer (3:1 with clean water) is recommended. For dense surfaces of very low absorbency apply Ultra Tile ProPrimer neat in a thin uniform coating.

Allow primer coats to fully dry.

Flooring Grade Asphalt: New asphalt must be left for a minimum of 7 days and degreased to remove surface bloom. Existing asphalt should be assessed for cracks. If cracks are present they need to be repaired to give a continuous strong subfloor. The use of epoxy resins bulked out with sand is normally sufficient.

Non-flexing Steel Floors (e.g. mezzanine decks): Mechanically abrade using a suitable mechanical machine (STG or shot blast)) or a wire brush to give an abraded shiny corrosion free surface and remove all excess traces of metal.

Patching prior to Plywood Overlays: Sound stable subfloors including T and G floor boards that are to be overlayed with flooring grade plywood may first be smoothed or patch filled with Ultra Tile ProLevel Ultimate.

Pre-smoothing of Subfloors: Where there is an absence of a DPC, presmoothing can be carried out provided there is no risk of hydrostatic pressure and all previous materials have been removed to leave the cementitious base. If in any doubt, please apply Ultra Floor DPM IT (see relevant Ultra Floor product technical datasheet) directly to the original subfloor. Pre-smoothing is not suitable over old adhesive residues (with the exception of cementitious based adhesive residues).

Surface DPM and MVS: These are considered as non-absorbent substrates.

Applications should be carried out within 12 hours of Ultra Floor DPM IT and/or Ultra Floor Suppress IT application (see relevant Ultra Floor product technical datasheets).

Radiant Electrical Underfloor Heating System: Ultra Tile ProLevel Ultimate can also be used over electrical UFH systems where the cables are fixed to a sound strong mechanical fixed cement faced backer board. Apply Ultra Tile ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to dry fully (usually 1-2 hours). It may also be used where electrical UFH is used over cementitious or calcium sulphate subfloors. Priming should be as per the substrate. In all cases Ultra Tile ProLevel Ultimate must be applied at a thickness of 5mm above the cables for resilient, textile and timber applications and a minimum of 3mm for application of stone, ceramic or porcelain products.

Warm Water Underfloor Heating (UFH): Systems must have been fully commissioned and brought up to their maximum temperature, and ideally switched off 48 hours before application. In the absence of other heat sources, the UFH may be set to ‘cutback’ position to achieve an air

temperature of 15°C. Any expansion or movement joints must be carried through to the floor covering surface. Aluminium/foil faced UFH boards should be primed using Ultra Floor Multi-surface Primer.

Please note: The installation of underfloor heating systems needs to sound, solid and secure to ensure no movement. Please refer to manufacturer’s installation guidance.

Vinyl Tiles: Not all vinyl tile flooring is suitable to be levelled/tiled over. Cushioned or flexible vinyl tiles should not be overlaid and must be removed along with the adhesive residue. Hard vinyl tiles should be lightly abraded and then primed with Ultra Tile Fix ProPrimer neat.

See Technical / Safety Data Sheet for further information.

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