Mapei Ultracare Epoxy Off Gel for Removal of Epoxy Residues - 1 Litre

Special high-viscosity cleaner to remove epoxy residues. Thanks to its viscosity, it is ideal for application on walls
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UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel is a high-viscosity cleaner for the removal of epoxy residues, such as Kerapoxy, Kerapoxy CQ, Kerapoxy Easy Design, etc., from ceramic or glass mosaic surfaces.

UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel easily removes epoxy grout residues and is suitable for use on non-absorbent materials such as porcelain, glazed ceramic and glass surfaces.

UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel is a concentrated gel that is ready to use. It removes any residues, stains or epoxy grout halos without developing harmful emissions.
The correct use of UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel does not damage either the surface of the installed glass or ceramic or the grout joints.Thanks to its viscosity, it is ideal also for application on vertical surfaces.


  • Do not use this product on polished marble or polished natural stone.
  • Do not use on wood.
  • Do not use on methacrylate baths.
  • Before using UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel on materials whose surface strength is not known, carry out an application test to verify that the surface is not damaged.
  • Before use protect all surfaces that may be damaged by direct contact with the product.
  • UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel does not damage metal or galvanized surfaces; however, given the variety of materials available on the market, a preliminary test is always recommended.

Shake the product before use. The product is ready to use and does not need to be diluted. Apply UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel to the surface to be cleaned using a brush or a roller and then leave to act for a few minutes (approximately 15-20 minutes according to the degree of dirt). Work over the surface with a Scotch-Brite® pad and then rinse well with plenty of clean water. On freshly applied grout cleaning is very effective; when cleaning epoxy residues that have been cured over a period of time or particularly stubborn grout residues, it may be necessary to let the product act for longer (up to 30 minutes) or you may need to repeat the cycle.
For applications on flooring it is possible to carry out cleaning with single-disc cleaning machine.

With 1 litre of UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel it is possible to clean up to a maximum of 15 m² of surface. Consumption may vary according to the surface to be treated and the degree of dirt.

UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel is available in 1 litre bottles.