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Lithofin TC Impregnator For Terracotta - 5 Litre

First step of the modern method: Pre-impregnation for increased protection against oil and grease. Applied immediately before final treatment with Lithofin Terracotta (TC) Sealant. Easy to apply ready to use, solvent free water based. Also
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Lithofin Terracotta Impregnator penetrates into the porous surface and immediately forms a very thin visible film in the capillaries. This substantially prevents the penetration of water, soiling and grease. Lithofin Terracotta Impregnator only slightly reduces the diffusion of water vapour.

It is slightly UV light resistant and does not yellow with time. The appearance of the surface is only very slightly changed, if at all.

Field of application and suitable surfaces:
For the prevention of staining for surfaces made of terracotta, clay slabs etc. especially in stain-sensitive situations such as kitchens and eating areas. It is always applied before the final treatment using Lithofin Terracotta Sealant.

Please note:
Surfaces which have been pre-treated at the production stage or have been waxed or have a saltglazed finish, cannot be treated. In case of doubt, make a small test in advance. Always treat the whole area of the room in question. While the treatment is being applied, the surface may appear somewhat spotty but this will disappear after drying. Wipe off splashes on wood, glass, PVC, varnished surfaces and permanently flexible joins with a cloth.

Directions for use:
Apply Lithofin Terracotta Impregnator generously and uniformly to the clean, stain free and dry surface using a mop or a sponge. It can also be applied using a garden-spray if followed up by the immediate use of a sponge to achieve uniform distribution. If the surface is very absorbent, a second application should be made about 30-40 minutes later. Avoid the formation of small puddles or drops by wiping over immediately. Any product residue seen drying out on the surface should be removed with a fluff free cloth. The suitable temperature range for application is 5-25°C. Clean any equipment used for the application with water. Immediately the applied material has dried out, the final treatment with Lithofin Terracotta Sealant should commence.

About 5-10m2/L, for soft clay slabs, handmade/ machine-made Spanish or French varieties of terracotta. About 10-15m2/L, for Florentine and Italian terracotta.

Keep in a dry, frost-free storage area. Use any containers, which have been opened without delay.