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Lithofin ALGEX Special Cleaner For Outdoor Areas - 1 Litre

Removes common dirt and slippery green deposits from terraces steps balconies and walls etc. Algex is also a self acting cleaner and continues to provide protection after use to keep stone looking brighter for longer.
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Lithofin Algex is a special cleaner for exterior surfaces. Lithofin Algex by its own action removes normal contamination, general dirt and certain types of vegetable staining from terraces, paths, steps,walls, facades, roofs, fences etc. Lithofin Algex Special Cleaner does not contain either chlorine or acid and is suitable for most surfaces.

Field of application and suitable surfaces:
Surfaces such as stone, concrete, quarry tiles, wood etc. become bright, clean and free from growth again.

Please note: Avoid spraying plants directly. If this occurs, rinse immediately with water.

Directions for use:
Lithofin Algex (concentrate) is diluted with water in the ratio 1:10 and applied generously. (Lithofin Algex in 500ml bottle with spray gun is ready to use). After a few days, the soiling disappears or is washed away by rain. In cases of heavy soiling, repeat the treatment using a brush if necessary in the liquid.

10-15m2/L by normal application
150m2/L by using a spray gun
12m2/L ready-to-use product.

After-treatment: As a further precautionary measure to prevent the growth of algae and the penetration of water, a final impregnation with Lithofin Splash-Stop or Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier is recommended.

No special storage conditions are necessary. Shelf life: unlimited Safety: Contains no dangerous substances. Keep out of reach of children. After using the material wash your hands.

Environmental protection:
Wetting agents are biologically degradable in accordance with EC-regulations. Disposal: Can be added to waste water after dilution. The containers are made from environmentally compatible polyethylene (PE) and may be recycled. After rinsing the containers may be disposed of through the Useful Material Collection system.

This information is provided without guarantee. The product should be used taking into account the local conditions and the surface to be treated. In all cases of doubt, test the product first in an inconspicuous area.