Jackoboard Board Fix Mounting Adhesive and Sealant - 290ml

Board Fix is a thixotropic moisture curing adhesive and sealant. Board Fix mounting adhesive is used to glue Jackon Insulation products together or onto a substrate, as well as sealing around niches.

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Board Fix mounting adhesive and sealant is an SMP-based single-component adhesive.
It is a thixotropic, moisture curing adhesive that contains neither solvent nor silicone.
It fills joints, does not foam, can be painted, and remains elastic.
It covers a broad range of applications on a wide variety of materials such as all Jackoboard products, concrete, plasters, ceramics, glass, metals, wood boards, construction materials, aluminium, (anodized or powdercoated).

  • One cartridge is sufficient for about 9 running metres
  • For sealing JACKOBOARD construction board joints in wet areas
  • For gluing JACKOBOARD and JACKODUR
  • Special adhesive and sealing agent


Board Fix mounting adhesive is used to glue Jackon Insulation products together or onto a substrate.
Such products include ready-to-tile boards, angle elements, bathtub dress panels and extruded polystyrene insulation boards.
It can be used in the proximity of food, e.g. for gluing walls and floors at commercial facilities where food is produced or processed.

Note: Board Fix mounting adhesive is not suitable for gluing raw aluminium. The aluminium requires a pre-treatment.


  • Handling time (dry) at 20 degree celcius, 50% RH approx. 10 min. 
  • Handling time (moist) at 20 degree Celcius, 50% RH approx. 4 min. 
  • Curing time at 20 degree Celcius 50 % RH for a 2 mm wide bead of glue - 24 hours
  • Minimum application temperature + 5 degree Celcius
  • Service temperature range after drying -40 degree Celcius to 100 degree Celcius
  • Dry film characteristic elastic