Rubi Hard Materials Continuous Rim Diamond Blade (CPA)- 180mm- 30925

Blades recommended for Hard Materials such as porcelain Granite and slate with less than 1Gǥ (25mm) thickness
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Rubi Hard Materials Continuous Rim Diamond Machine Blade (CPA) - 180mm - 30925

  • Recommended for hard materials such as granite, slate, porcelain and ceramic.
  • Especially suitable for mitre cuts.
  • For use with water-fed table / rail saws only.
  • External dimensions - 180mm (approx. 7 inch)
  • Internal Diameter - 22.2m (approx 7/8 inch)
  • Blade Thickness - 1.7mm (approx. 0.06 inch)
  • To cut and mitre ceramic tiles and other stone coating materials with less than 1"" (25 mm.) thickness.