Lava Loose Cable Underfloor Heating - 50.0lm/600w (4.0m2)

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Lava Loose Cable Underfloor Heating - 50.0lm/600w (4.0m2)

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Loose wire underfloor heating cables such as Lavacable provide flexibility in terms of both heat output and layout. The cable can be set out using self adhesive cloth tape to hold it in place or using a cable carrier mat such as Dural CI FH. After w

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List Price: £126.41 inc.VAT
£90.29 inc.VAT (£75.24 ex.VAT)
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Please Note: Coverage of the Lava Loose Cable is illustrated at 80mm spacing to provide 150w output.
If you wish to increase or decrease the output, please consult the chart below to calculate the length of cable required.

Lava Loose Cable Heat Output Chart

Lava cable Loose Wire Underfloor Heating Cable is only 3mm thick and is ideal for irregular and awkward shaped floor areas and provides ultimate flexibility for configuration of underfloor heating cables.

The loose cable is only 3mm thick and is simply adhered to the floor using cloth fixing tape or inserted into a decoupling carrier matting system.

The spacings required for the different wattage options are provided in the chart below and the installation guide.

Loose Cable Installation
The heating cable needs to be fixed down along it’s entire length. Always remember that it is important to achieve consistent cable spacing for an even heat over the floor surface and to avoid hot and cold spots. Under no circumstances should any cable be closer than 50mm to it’s neighbour to avoid long term over heating and deterioration.

Planning the Installation
To calculate the free area available for heating, simply allow for a 100mm margin around the full perimeter of your room and any fixed objects and deduct the sum of this from the total area. You should then choose a cable size or a combination of cable sizes that is equal to or less than this figure. (Remember that heating cables can not be shortened).

The cable should not be be laid over or close to any existing hot water service or central heating pipes and bear in mind that the heating cable should be approximately 80mm apart or as the spacing chart recommends. Remember that areas under fixed objects, such as baths, toilets, fixed furniture and sanitary ware etc. and units are not normally heated and thought should be given to the position of kitchen units, to avoid damaging the heating element.

Please Note: 
It is of vital importance that the installation of any underfloor heating system is pre-planned. 
Care must be taken to understand the requirements of the heating system of your choice. 
The heating cable layout must be pre-planned to avoid any “cross overs”. 
The positioning of sensors and the power supply must be predetermined.  

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