Jackoboard Steam & Wet Room Bench Seating Kit - 1200mm Wide - CURVED

Jackoboard Steam & Wet Room Bench Seating Kit - 1200mm Wide - CURVED

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Jackoboard Steam and Wet Room Seating Kits are the simple waterproof cost effective and flexible way to create stylish tiled seating in steam rooms and wet rooms.

£192.60 inc.VAT (£160.50 ex.VAT)

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The Curved Edge Kit Contains:-

  • 4 x 50mm Profiled Vertical Ribs
  • 1 x 50mm Top Board 
  • 1 x 30mm Front FlexiBoard Front Panel
  • 2 x 290ml Board Fix Adhesive
  • Screws and Washers to aid assembly whilst adhesive is curing

Dimensions are maximum size but benches can easily be reduced in each dimension with hand tools, to the individual components before assembly.

Each bench is Supplied 1200mm long

Assembly Instructions

1. Take the four Support Profiles (Parts A) and place them upright on your bench.
2.  Lay a generous bead of Board Fix Adhesive in the recesses on the top of each Support Profile.
3.  Take the Seat Top (Part B) and press it firmly into place in the recesses.
4.  Screw and washer fix through the Seat Top into each Profile at the rate of two fixings per Profile.  Check for square and allow to cure for a few minutes.
5.  Apply a generous bead of adhesive to the front, curved edges of each profile and to the notched parts of the Seat Top.
6.  Now position the Flexo Plus Seat Front (Part C) firmly against the adhesive beads making sure that the cuts are facing inwards.  Any overlap at the base can be trimmed later.
7.  Screw and washer fix through the Flexo Plus Seat Front into the curved edges of each profile at the rate of three fixings per profile.  Position the first fixing where the Flexo Plus inserts into the notched edge of the seat top, the second on the front curve and the third near the base.
8. When the construction is fully cured (overnight) you can fit it into your steam room or wet room using the Board Fix Adhesive.  Obviously, trial a dry fit before applying any adhesive.  We then advise that you seal all the joints between the seat unit and the room with the Jackoboard Sealing Kit.
9. The screw and washer fixings may be removed before tiling if desired. 

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