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Dural DuraBase CI++ Crack Isolation / Decoupling Matting - 10 sq./m

Dural CI ++ provides a variety of matting systems for drainage insulation and sealing. These make it easier to install floors of all kinds, even on difficult surfaces like old screed or wood and they also protect the new floor covering from moistur
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The product is supplied on a roll which is 1 metre wide and 10 metres long (10sq./m)

Dural Durabase CI++ matting is also available in rolls of 5sq./m, 20sq./m and 30sq./m.

Where possible, Pure Adhesion reserve the right to consolidate purchases of Durabase C.I++ matting when multiples of one size are purchased. 
For example, when 3 x 10sq./m mats are ordered, 1 x 30sq./m mat may be shipped, unless directly specified in the notes field when ordering. 

Dural provides a variety of matting systems for drainage, insulation and sealing. These make it easier to install floors of all kinds, even on difficult surfaces like old screed or wood, and they also protect the new floor covering from moisture seeping from below as well as preventing stretching or cracks. The advantages are obvious: greater robustness and durability, not only in homes but also where floors have to take plenty of punishment in commercial situations.


1. Moisture from above 
Tiling in itself is not waterproof: junctions to fittings and walls are particularly susceptible to water ingress which can damage the foundation.

2. Moisture from below 
In the case of anhydrite screed, residual moisture from the screed can collect under the installed tiles and damage the adhesive bond. Accordingly, tiles must only be installed following attainment of a residual moisture content of > 0.5%, or 0.3% in the case of installations with under floor heating, as measured with the CM device.

3. Foundation stress 
Depending on the structural design and the materials used, the foundation can be subjected to stress which could then be transferred to the tiling and result in cracks (bridge over cracks up to 0,4 mm). In the case of concrete, for example, creeping and contraction can lead to deformations after periods lasting as long as 6 months to several years. Cement floors and heated screed can also experience movement after being covered by tiles or slabs. Similarly, chipboard and compressed board deform notably through moisture absorption.

4. Foundation cracks 
During restorations of old wooden or tiled floors, cracks in the foundations can occur so that secure installation of the new tiles is no longer guaranteed.

5. Heated screed
DURABASE CI++ decoupling mats can safely be laid on any kind of heated screed foundation without any impairment of the heating performance. The mats should be adhered with the heating switched off, using a suitable flexible adhesive conforming to DIN EN 12004 C2. It is also possible for electrical or hot water heating systems to be laid directly on top of CI++ matting. Heating pipes must be installed in accordance with the applicable specifications of the manufacturer. Such specifications vary but will commonly involve the pipes being embedded fully in the tile adhesive layer. For heated floors the thermal resistance over the entire area of the ceramic flooring must not exceed 0.15 m² K/W in accordance with DIN 1264 (Underfloor heating systems and components).


The DURABASE CI++ mat has an installation height of approximately 3.0 mm. The mat is made of yellow polyethylene. The indented structure and laminated grid achieve a strong bond to thin-bed mortars. The material is elastic, rot proof and resistant to aggressive substances and liquids such as alkalis, solvents and oils. It is also highly impervious to water-vapor diffusion. DURABASE CI++ bridges cracks, decouples floor coverings from their substrates, and is suitable for producing seals bonded with floor tiles.