SYR Angled Stiff Bristled Grout Cleaning Brush 23cm Wide - 930068

SYR Angled Stiff Bristled Grout Cleaning Brush 23cm Wide - 930068

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£9.12 inc.VAT (£7.60 ex.VAT)
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Angled tough polypropylene brush for cleaning grout between tiles and floor edges.

The V shaped profile of the bristles easily get into tile grout joints and the stiff bristles scrub the grout to release ingrained dirt.

The brush has a pivot between the brush head and 4 piece handle (purchased seperately) which allows the head to remain parallel with the surface being cleaned as the brush head is pushed forwards and backwards.

The grout brush works best in conjunction with cleaning solutions such as LTP Grimex, Lithofin Wexa, Lithofin Power Clean or any other intensive cleaning product from our range.

The brush helps work the cleaner into the grout and remove it from the joint, allowing it to be rinsed away and mopped or wet vacumed up

Colour-coded bristles with Interchange-compatible fitting. 23cm wide.

Angled Bristles
The pointed shape of the brush makes it easier to agitate deep grout and other grooves.

Interchange Compatible
We assure that any products displaying this logo will work perfectly with our Interchange range of handles.

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