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Mira X Plan Flexible Fibre Reinforced Self Levelling Compound - 20Kg

Latex fibre re enforced self-levelling compound for levelling of substrate also wooden-based substrate and for preparation of slopes. Thickness 2-50 mm. Ideal for use over underfloor heating cables and pipes.
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Mira X-Plan can be applied on concrete substrate, old tile floor, wooden-based substrates, painted surfaces, in apartments, offices, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, stores, etc. Also used for covering of floor heating cables, preparation of sloped floors.

Mira X Plan Characteristics

  • self-levelling
  • quick-hardening
  • abrasive-resistant
  • for wooden-based substrates
  • for heated floors
  • for manual or mechanical application
  • for indoor use
  • can be walked on after 3-5 hrs
  • next works after 6-12 hrs

Its advantages are versatility and applicability for quick works. Hardened surface can be covered with any type of facing or lining e.g. ceramic tiles, carpet or vinyl lining, parquet, cork etc.Floor with light traffic can be painted, as the final treatment.

Mira X Plan Coverage:

One Bag of Mira X-plan Self Levelling Compound Will Cover:
(recommended thickness over electric underfloor heating - 4 mm)

  • 2.96 Square Metres at 4 mm 
  • 1.44 Square Metres at 8 mm
  • 0.8   Square Metres at 15 mm
  • 0.47 Square Metres at 25 mm
  • 0.33 Square Metres at 35 mm
  • 0.23 Square Metres at 50 mm (maximum depth for one pour)

OR Use The X-Plan Calculator.

Take the height in millimeters you wish to come up and multiply this number by 1.7, then divide by 20 and multply this number by the area in square metres you wish to level, the number you will be left with will be the required amount of Mira X-Plan to cover this area.

For Example: 5mm mulitplied by 1.7 divided by 20 mulitplied by 48 sq / m = 20.4 (21 No. - 20kg Mira X-Plan)

Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be stable, dry, compact, cleaned of dust, grease, oil etc. Concrete slurry (if any) should be removed, weaker parts of substrate should be removed and then repaired again. Substrate defects shall be repaired with 6950 expres. Grease, oil, dirt should be removed with 7110 base cleaner. The entire surface should be clean of dust. A concrete substrate should be primed with mira 4180 primer thinned with water. Thinning ratio: 1 part of 4180 primer and 1-3 parts of water, depending on absorptivity of the substrate. Non-absorptive substrate should be primed with non-diluted 4180 primer and then powdered with x-plan, which must be rubbed into freshly spread 4180 primer. Wooden-based substrate should be primed with non-diluted 4180 primer.

Drying time 1-2 hours.

Do not leave any puddle. The primer improves adherence, prevents air bubbles and de-watering of mortar. If more than one layer is laid, each layer must be primed.

Mira X Plan Technical Conditions:

  • Mixing: Mira x-plan should be mixed in proportion: approx. 3,6 l of water for 20 kg of dry x-plan. Mix for approx. 2 minutes with a slow-rotating mixer or in a pump mixer, then the mortar is ready to use. Mortar for slopes should be mixed in proportion 3,2 l of water for 20 kg of dry Mira X-Plan.
  • Application: Prepared x-plan should be applied on the substrate, preliminary spread with a trowel and then the mortar levels by itself. x-plan could also be applied with a mixer-equipped pump. In such case maximum width of applied layer should not be greater than 6-8 m Big areas should be divided into smaller parts using for instance mira plan stop self adhesive foam band, during hardening of Mira X Plan.
  • Temperature: Minimum air and substrate temperature +6°C. Optimum temperature +10° to +18°C. d. Application time: After mixing the mortar should be applied within 30 min. Less water than prescribed decreases application time and flow of x-plan.
  • Hardening time: Light traffic allowable after approx. 2 hours. Next works e.g. tile fixing can be continued after 6-12 hours. Damp tight or humidity – sensitive coverings can be applied depending on the remaining humidity in the x-plan in the substrate and the supplier of the covering’s specification
  • Consumption: 1,7 kg/m2 for each 1 mm of thickness. Cleaning of tools: Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use. Hardened remainings can be removed only mechanically.
  • Layer thickness: Cement based substrate 2-50 mm Wooden based substrate 5-50 mm Above cables for el-heating min. 5-10 mm Packing: Mira X Plan is packed in 20 kg plastic-strengthened bags.
  • Storage and transportation: Transport and store dry. Storage period: min. 1 year from the production date in unopened bags. For Fitting Instructions see Data Sheets.