Mira X Plan Flexible Fibre Reinforced Self Levelling Compound - 20Kg

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Mira X Plan Flexible Fibre Reinforced Self Levelling Compound - 20Kg

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X–Plan is recommended for levelling of most floor types concrete, floor screed, light concrete, wooden floor, ceramic tiles etc. X–Plan is a dry product, which can be used after mixing with water.

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List Price: £29.99 inc.VAT
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Don't know how much levelling compound you need? Click here for our handy levelling compound calculator.

X–Plan is recommended for levelling of most floor types concrete, floor screed, light concrete, wooden floor, ceramic tiles etc. X–Plan is a dry product, which can be used after mixing with water. X–Plan is partly self-levelling and easy to smooth. X–Plan is delivered in 20 kg bags.

  • Self-levelling, suitable for all types of substrates
  • 2 - 50mm thickness
  • For levelling of concrete and wooden substrates
  • Suitable for thin underfloor heating
  • Applied with hand tools or via a mixing pump
  • Dust-reduced

Type of substrate

X–Plan can be applied most floor types with a moderate risk of movement and deformation. On concrete, screed, painted concrete and ceramic tiles, the layer thickness is 2 – 50mm, On lightweight concrete the layer thickness is 5 – 30mm and on wooden floor 5 – 50mm. On wooden floor reinforcement mesh/uninet shall be cast in when floors are to be covered with clinker tiles, tiles, or natural stones.

Mira X Plan Characteristics

  • self-levelling
  • quick-hardening
  • for wooden-based substrates
  • for heated floors
  • for manual or mechanical application
  • for indoor use
  • can be walked on after 2-3 hrs
  • next works after 6-12 hrs

Mira X Plan Coverage:

One Bag of Mira X-plan Self Levelling Compound Will Cover:
(recommended thickness over electric underfloor heating - 4 mm)

  • 2.96 Square Metres at 4 mm 
  • 1.44 Square Metres at 8 mm
  • 0.8   Square Metres at 15 mm
  • 0.47 Square Metres at 25 mm
  • 0.33 Square Metres at 35 mm
  • 0.23 Square Metres at 50 mm (maximum depth for one pour)

OR Use The X-Plan Calculator.

Take the height in millimetres you wish to come up and multiply this number by 1.7, then divide by 20 and multiply this number by the area in square metres you wish to level, the number you will be left with will be the required amount of Mira X-Plan to cover this area.

For Example: 5mm multiplied by 1.7 divided by 20 multiplied by 48 sq. / m = 20.4 (21 No. - 20kg Mira X-Plan)

Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrate must be load carrying, stable, coherent, clean, free of dust, grease, and cement laitance. Any concrete laitance and weak parts of concrete substrates shall be removed. Dust shall be removed with vacuum cleaner. Grease, oil etc to be removed with 7110 base cleaner, high pressure water cleaning or other effective cleaning method.


Absorbent substrates must be primed with 1 part Mira 4180 primer diluted with 3 parts of water. The primer must be thoroughly brushed into the substrate. Non-absorbent substrates like ceramic tiles or painted surfaces are primed with Mira 4140 contact primer. Wooden substrates must be primed with concentrated Mira 4180 primer. If more than one layer of X–Plan is applied, each layer must be primed.


20 kg powder to be mixed with approx. 3.2 litres to 3.6 litres of clean water. For building a fall, the water content should be reduced to approx. 3,2 litres per 20 kg X–Plan. Use a mixing paddle on drill or mixing pump. Mix minimum 2-5 minutes to homogeneous mix.

The mixture can be used in approx. 15 – 20 minutes after mixing at room temperature of 10 – 18ºC.

Pour the compound onto the floor immediately after mixing. X–Plan levels out by itself, but it is recommended to use the smooth side of a trowel to smoothen and spread it into corners.

For thin heating floors with cables on combustible substrate reinforcement mesh/uninet is recommended. The heating cables shall be covered with minimum 5 – 10mm X-Plan dependent on effect of cables and stability of substrate.

For building a slope, X–Plan is applied along the wall and will run by itself towards the gully. Cover around the gully with self-adhesive plan stop foam rubber. Once hardened so much that you can walk on it the slope can be finished and adjusted to match the floor drain.

Dependent on room temperature and air humidity the screed is ready for light foot traffic after approx. 2 hours. Ceramic tiles can be installed after 6 – 12. hours. In wet rooms waterproofing of surface with 4400 multicoat can take place after 12 – 18 hours at the earliest.

Storage and transportation

Transport and store dry. X-Plan keeps technical specifications minimum 6 months after production data in unopened packaging. Can be used hereafter, technical properties may however, change; setting time may eg. be extended.

Technical data

  • Product class according to EN 13813:- CT-C30-F6
  • Density:- 1900 kg / m³
  • Compression strength:- 30 N / mm2
  • Flexural strength:- 6 N / mm2
  • Flowability:- 120 – 130 mm
  • Fire resistance:- A1
  • Shrinkage according to EN 13872:- ≤ 0,025 %
  • Surface strength according to EN 13892:- RWA 100
  • Pot life:- 15 – 20 min
  • Working time:- 30 min
  • Recommended working temperature:- 10 – 20 °C
  • Layer thickness:- 2 – 50 mm
  • Coverage for a 1 mm layer:- 1,7 kg / m²

Setting time at 18°C

  • For light traffic:- 2 – 3 h
  • For further treatment:- 6 h

For applying waterproofing / Tanking

  • 12-18 hours
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