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Mira Tanking & Waterproofing Kit - Full Wet Room Solution

The Mira Tanking & Waterproofing Kit is perfect for sealing and waterproofing floors and walls of bathrooms and wet rooms.
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The Mira Tanking & Waterproofing Kit is perfect for sealing and waterproofing floors and walls of bathrooms and wet rooms. The kit includes the highest quality Danish materials put together into a kit which covers 6-9 square metres depending on the substrate.

The cured coating remains elastic and forms a seamless barrier to water. Main application areas are internal and external walls and floors where water protection is required including wetrooms, bathrooms, showers, terraces and balconies.

Kit Includes:

  • 6kg Mira 4400 Waterproof Tanking Solution
  • 1 Litre Mira 4180 Acrylic Primer
  • 25m x 10cm Mira Safe Coat Fibre Strip
  • 7 sq / m Mira Safe Coat Fibre Roll
  • 4 Mira Waterproof Internal Corners
  • Kit Coverage approx 6 - 9 sq / m

Highly elastic, viscous material for water insulation in wet rooms: bathrooms, terraces, balconies, washing room’s etc.


  • Waterproof
  • Frost resistant (after hardening)
  • No thinners
  • Highly adhesive
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Applicable on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • For use directly under tile substrate
  • Forms rubber-like membrane after drying-up
  • Easy to use

Used for forming of 100% waterproof, elastic, joint-less membrane for water insulation on floors, walls, in wall and wall/floor corners, connections of wall joints between panels or elements, pipe junctions in wet zone of wet rooms. 4400 multicoat is used as a humidity and water protection layer on concrete floor, plaster, light weight concrete, fully joint brick wall, cement or anhydrite based substrate
screed, plaster board, wooden based panels and old ceramic facings.

The water shall be pressure-free i.e. 4400 multicoat must not be used in swimming pools etc. Is also applicable on heated substrates. Ceramic, clinker and stone tiles can be fixed directly on the multicoat layer.

Substrate preparation
The substrate must be dry, compact, cleaned of dust, grease, oil etc. Concrete slurry (if any) should be removed, weaker parts of substrate should be removed and then repaired again. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Grease, oil, dirt should be cleaned.

Absorptive substrates should be primed with mira 4180 sealer, thinned with water in the ratio: 1 part of 4180 sealer and 3 parts of water. Non-absorptive substrates e.g. painted or made of ceramic tiles shall not be primed. When the surface is dry mira 4400 multicoat can be applied.

Technical conditions

  • Mixing - 4400 multicoat is ready-to-use and must not be thinned. Stir slowly the mass in the can/bucket before use.
  • Application -Spread the mass with a brush, roll or a trowel. First protect corners, wall/wall and wall/floor, joints between panels or elements by covering them with two layers of 4400 multicoat filled with safe coat strip; water installation inlets and water
    outlets should be protected with special flanges of safe coat called seal manchet. On walls 2 layers of 4400 multicoat should be laid, without safe coat. The second layer should be spread when the first is dried-up after 1-2 hours.
  • On floors 2 layers of 4400 multicoat should be applied, with safe coat as a carrying layer.
  • Floor insulation should be done during one working cycle. The safe coat mat should be covered completely with the second layer of 4400 multicoat to reach the proper thickness of min. 1,5 mm.
  • Temperature/weather condition - Minimum air and substrate temperature +6°C When applied outdoor (terraces, balconies), protect the mass from intensive sunlight and rain.
  • Application time - Non used 4400 multicoat in the packing can be stored in closed can/bucket.
  • Hardening time - The membrane is totally dry after approx. 12 hrs in the temperature of 10-15°C.

Approximate Consumption:
Walls: min. 1 kg/m2
Floor: min. 1,5 kg/m2
Connections wall / floor, wall corners, joints of panels and elements: 200 – 300
g/running meter

Technical data
Based on synthetic latex, binders and mineral pigments
Extensibility ca. 1200%
Temperature resistance -20 to + 120°C
Membrane thickness wall min. 1 mm – floor min. 1,5 mm
Stepping-on / tile laying after 12 hrs

*Deliveries to Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle Of Man, Scottish Highlands and Islands may be subject to a further charge, please contact Pure Adhesion for more information.