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Mira Tanking & Waterproofing Kit - Full Wet Room Solution

The Mira Tanking & Waterproofing Kit is perfect for sealing and waterproofing floors and walls of bathrooms and wet rooms.
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Kit Includes:

  • 6kg Mira 4400 Waterproof Tanking Solution
  • 1 Litre Mira 4180 Acrylic Primer
  • 25m x 10cm Mira Safe Coat Fibre Strip
  • 5 sq / m Mira Safe Coat Fibre Roll
  • 4 Mira Waterproof Internal Corners
  • Kit Coverage approx 6 - 8 sq / m

The Mira Tanking & Waterproofing Kit - Full Wet Room Solution is perfect for sealing and waterproofing wetroom floors, walls, shower trays, joints between tile backer boards, as well as junctions between floors and walls. The kit includes the highest quality Danish materials put together into a kit which covers at least 6-8 square metres.

Waterproofing kit for shower walls, corners and pipes. Professional & DIY solution to creating a sealed area ready for tiling. Economical and 100% waterproof.

Mira 4400 multicoat is a ready-mixed polymer based membrane which is easy to apply and distribute on surface all floor and wall substrates in wet room.

  • One-component - ready for use
  • Low consumption
  • Flexible
  • Can be used on newly cast concrete
  • Easy and smooth to apply

Product description
Highly elastic, polymer based waterproofing membrane.
Ready to use - do NOT dilute. Easy to distribute on surface.

Application areas
Use 4400 multicoat as waterproofing membrane on wall and floor surfaces, at wall/floor junctions, corners, joints
between boards and panels, and pipe penetrations.
Do NOT apply in swimming pools etc. with water column pressure.

Type of substrate
Waterproofing membrane can be used on substrate of concrete, lightweight concrete, waterproof screed, brick,
render, gypsum/wooden based boards and gypsum blocks.
Waterproofing membrane can be used on newly cast concrete. For other substrates - contact mira byggeprodukter
for further instructions.

Pre-treatment of substrate
Ensure substrate has carrying capacity, is stable, coherent, cleaned for dust, grease and cement laitance. The substrate
shall be dry. Absorbent substrate shall be primed with 4180 primer. Relative humidity of the substrate should be less than 90%.

4400 multicoat is usually not stirred. 4400 multicoat is thixotropic and loses its consistency by stirring. If it is necessary
to stir mixture it must be done with gentle movements and mixture must then rest until normal consistency is achieved
before applying. With vigorous stirring you risk making air bubbles in mixture which may cause fine holes in finished

Bed seal manchet, or safecoat strips in 4400 multicoat and apply 4400 multicoat to all surfaces in an even layer by
brush, roll or trowel.
When first layer is surface dry (after 1-2 hours) apply next layer diagonally on to the first layer.
If safecoat mat is used you must apply 4400 multicoat gradually when placing the mat.
Care must be taken that sufficent quantity of multicoat is applied in order to saturate and cover completely.
(Safecoat mat ensures uniform thickness of membrane and rapid hardening).
Recommended for wood flooring.

For more detailed application instructions, please consult the Mira Waterproofing Instructions in the "Download" tab.

Further surface finish can be applied after 6-12 hours at 18°C.

Follow applying instructions of wet room constructions with ceramic tiles.