Markal Trades Markers Dry + 1 Graphite Refill - 95300

Fine tip extends to 45 mm, ideal for hard-to-reach places (allows for deep markings, in fixation holes), Cap, body, and clip in metal to ensure durability and strength for professional use
15381, 15382

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  • Markal Trades-Marker Dry Holder + 1 x Graphite - 95300


  • Markal Trades Marker dry 2 in 1 Starter Pack is a convenient refillable marker with an extended fine tip. Its removable triangular cap design ensures a good handling for precise marking even with gloves. When the cap is off, a 45mm full metal fine tip perfect for deep hole marking is revealed.

    It incorporates a convenient sharpener and a clip.

    It can be used with color leads for bright and dark surfaces, or with Welding refills featuring Silver Streak® and Red Riter® leads.

    Uses lead 2.8 mm in diameter, compatible with other refill types on the market

    This Starter Pack includes 1 x Trades-Marker + 1 Graphite