Mapei Mapesil AC Eco - Solvent and Fossil Free Silicone Sealant 310ml - Medium Grey (112)

Mapei Mapesil AC Eco - Solvent and Fossil Free Silicone Sealant 310ml - Medium Grey (112)

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Pure, mould-resistant, acetic and solvent-free silicone sealant produced without the use of fossil resources.

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Mapesil AC Eco is an acetic-crosslinking silicone sealant suitable for sealing ceramic, sanitary ware, glass and stainless metals. When combined with the bonding enhancer Primer FD, it can also be used on concrete, wood, mineral substrates, plastic and rubber.

Mapesil AC Eco is used for:

  • Sealing expansion, contraction and fillet joints with up to 25% expansion of the initial size, according to the
    stanrdard EN 15651.
  • Forming a perfectly elastic gasket between different elements in the building, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, etc.


  • Produced without the use of fossil resources and packed in recycled plastic cartridges to reduce environmental impact
  • Solvent-free, with very low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Certified for various applications in the Building Industry
  • High elasticity in absorbing strong movement in service
  • High durability, to resist over time
  • Impermeable to water and gases
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Compatible with mildly acid or basic substances
  • Colour range compliant with “Mapei Coloured Grouts”

Application of Mapesil AC Eco

Mapesil AC Eco is packed in recycled plastic cartridges of 310 ml; to use, cut the cartridge above the end of the thread and screw on the nozzle, which should be cut at 45° to produce a hole corresponding to the size of the joint. Insert the cartridge into the gun and extrude the sealant.
The surface of Mapesil AC Eco must be finished off with a tool moistened with UltraCare Smooth Silicone by MAPEI before a superficial film has formed.


Mapesil AC Eco is a one-component, acetic crosslinking silicone sealant. It is a thixotropic paste which is easily trowellable both horizontally and vertically. It hardens following exposure to atmospheric humidity at ambient temperatures, and forms an elastic and watertight product.


Pure, mould-resistant, acetic and solvent-free silicone sealant produced without the use of fossil resources. Mapesil AC Eco is easily workable both on horizontal and vertical surfaces and adheres to glass, ceramics, inox metal and many types of plastics without need for a primer (due to the great variety of plastics on the market, it is advisable to always carry our preliminary tests). If combined with Primer FD adhesion promoter, Mapesil AC Eco also bonds to mineral or absorbent building materials.
Mapesil AC Eco is CE marked according to EN 15651-1, EN 15651-2, EN 15651-3, EN 15651-4.
Furthermore, Mapesil AC Eco has very low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and is classified as EMICODE EC1 Plus according to GEV. 


  • If Mapesil AC Eco is used in exterior, light surface dirt may build up on the surfaces, though it will be easily washed off by rain.
    Please contact Mapei Technical Service to identify the most suitable solution.
  • For sealing surfaces sensitive to acids such as limestone, use a specific neutral silicone sealant (e.g. Mapesil LM).
  • The use of Mapesil AC Eco is not recommended on highly plasticised material or on bituminous surfaces because of the release of substances that reduce bonding and penetrate into the sealant, altering the colour and resistance.
  • The resistance of Mapesil AC Eco to chemical agents is generally excellent; however, due to the numerous products and working conditions to which Mapesil AC Eco can be applied, it is always advisable to do a sample test in cases of doubt.
  • Do not use Mapesil AC Eco to seal aquariums.
  • For sealing floor joints subject to heavy traffic, use a polyurethane (e.g. Mapeflex PU 45 FT) or epoxypolyurethane (e.g. Mapeflex E-PU 21 SL) sealant.


All the surfaces to receive the sealant must be dry, solid, and free from dust and loose particles, oils, grease, wax, old paint, and rust.
In order that the seal can carry out its function, provision must be made for it to elongate and compress freely.
During application, it is, therefore, necessary that:

  • It adheres only to the side of the walls of the joint and not to the base of the joint;
  • The joint is sized so that the estimated maximum extension is not greater than 25% of the initial width (calculated at +20°C);
  • In order to obtain the best performance always respect the sealing section proportion examples on the Technical Data Sheet.

Application of Primer FD

Where the use of Primer FD is necessary, it must be applied with a small brush onto the appropriate areas of
the joints and left to dry for several minutes to allow the solvent to evaporate. Then apply Mapesil AC Eco.


Traces of unpolymerised Mapesil AC Eco may be removed with common solvents (ethyl acetate, petrol, toluene); after complete cross-linking, the silicone rubber may only be removed mechanically.
Avoid contact between Mapesil AC Eco not yet polymerised and any type of solvent, to avoid delays or inhibition of the final hardening process.


Mapesil AC Eco: Consumption of Mapesil AC Eco varies depending on the width of the joints. Some examples of
consumption for expansion, contraction and fillet joints are shown in the chart on the Technical Data Sheet.


Mapesil AC Eco: 310 ml recycled plastic cartridges.


Mapesil AC is available in various colours from the “MAPEI COLOURED GROUTS” range, plus transparent.


Mapesil AC Eco can be stored 24 months in a dry cool place in original cartridges.
Primer FD, when stored in a cool and dry place (at a temperature not higher than +25°C) has a storage life of 6 months.


Instructions for the safe use of our products can be found on the latest version of the Safety Data Sheet,
available from our website


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