Mapei Kerapoxy Easy Design - Two Part Epoxy Grout - Sand (133) - 3 kg

Mapei Kerapoxy Easy Design - Two Part Epoxy Grout - Sand (133) - 3 kg

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Two-component, versatile, decorative, acid-resistant epoxy grout, with a bacteriostatic agent and BioBlock® technology, easy to apply and clean, ideal for grouting ceramic tiles, glass mosaics and stone materials.

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£44.34 inc.VAT (£36.95 ex.VAT)
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Two-component, versatile, decorative, acid-resistant epoxy grout, with a bacteriostatic agent and BioBlock technology, easy to apply and clean, ideal for grouting ceramic tiles, glass mosaics and stone materials, to be used also in combination with MapeGlitter and Mapecolor Metallic.

For grouting joints from 1 to 15 mm wide. Can also be used as an adhesive.


  • Easy to apply
  • Non-absorbent and easy to clean
  • Certified anti-bacterial and mould-resistant
  • Helps keep the interiors more healthy
  • Complies with haccp food safety management procedures
  • Wide range of colours
  • Suitable for grouts up to 15 mm wide


Decorative grouting of internal and external tiled floors and walls. Also suitable for an acid-resistant bond to all substrates normally used in the building industry.
Kerapoxy Easy Design allows to create floors, walls, worktops etc. in compliance with the HACCP system and the requirements of EC Regulation No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs.

Some application examples

  • Installing and grouting decorative coverings in environments with an high aesthetic value (e.g. showrooms, commercial environments, etc.).
  • Installing and grouting floors and walls in showers and bathrooms. Suitable on fibreglass and PVC substrates.
  • Installing and grouting floors and walls in thermal facilities, Turkish baths, etc.
  • Installing and grouting swimming pools.
  • Repairing existing degraded grouts by removing all loose areas and to a minimum uniform depth of 3 mm.


Kerapoxy Easy Design is a two-component, epoxy resin-based decorative grout, with glass micro-spheres and other special components.
It has an excellent resistance to acids, easy workability and is very easy to clean.
Kerapoxy Easy Design has a bacteriostatic agent, preventing from the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of mould on the surfaces of grouts, making tiled surfaces hygienic and safe, thanks to the innovative BioBlock technology developed as a result of MAPEI research.


Preparation of the joints

The joints must be dry, clean, free from dust and empty down to at least 2/3 of the thickness of the tiles. Any adhesive or mortar which has seeped into the joints while laying the tiles must be removed while still fresh. Before grouting, make sure the installation mortar or adhesive has set and that most of the moisture has evaporated. Kerapoxy Easy Design is not harmed by damp from the substrate, but the joints must not be wet when grouting.

Preparation of the mix

Pour the catalyst (component B) into the container of component A and mix well until a smooth paste is obtained. We recommend using a low-speed electric mixer to guarantee perfect blending, and to avoid overheating of the mix which would reduce the workability time.
Where required, add MapeGlitter or Mapecolor Metallic once the blend has been mixed, at a variable ratio depending on the aesthetic effect desired, within the limits described above (up to 6% for MapeGlitter, 3% for Mapecolor Metallic so that the workability of the grout/mortar is not affected).
Given that Mapecolor Metallic is extremely fine and volatile, it is recommended to use and mix the product in exterior, in an area protected from draughts. Interior use may cause the product dispersion in the environment and its deposit on the surfaces.
Add Mapecolor Metallic after mixing the two components of Kerapoxy Easy Design (A+B). Create a hole in the paste obtained and pour Mapecolor Metallic in it; cover it and manually mix to properly blend the powder pigment. Then mix with a low-speed mixer to avoid the possible product dispersion in the enviroment.
Use the mix within 45 minutes of preparation.


Spread Kerapoxy Easy Design over the tiled surface with a special rubber grout float (such as MAPEI float), making sure that the joints are filled right down to the bottom. Remove excess material by passing the edge of the same trowel diagonally over the tile joints.


After grouting with Kerapoxy Easy Design, floor and wall coverings must be cleaned while the grout is still “fresh”. Wet the grouted surface and emulsify with a cellulose sponge (such as MAPEI sponge). Take care not to drag grout from the joint. The sponge must be saturated with water when cleaning coverings.
The liquid residual may be removed with the same sponge, which must be replaced when it becomes too impregnated with resin, and the same technique may be used when finishing off the grouted joints.
The use of a Scotch-Brite abrasive pad instead of the traditional cellulose sponge for cleaning joints is recommended in case of tiles with a particularly rough, structured and/or irregular surface. The liquid residual may in any case be removed with the cellulose sponge.
After the finishing operation, it is very important that no traces of Kerapoxy Easy Design remain on the tile surface. Once hardened, it is very difficult to remove.
Therefore, rinse the sponge often with clean water during cleaning.
In the case of very large floor surfaces, finishing may be carried out by wetting the surface and using a single-head rotary machine with special abrasive felt disks such as Scotch-Brite.
Residual liquid may be drawn off using a rubber squeegee.

  • UltraCare Kerapoxy Cleaner (special cleaning solution for epoxy grout) may also be used for the final cleaning cycle.
  • UltraCare Kerapoxy Cleaner can be used both immediately after grouting and after completing laying work.
  • If cleaning is carried out a few hours after applying the grout, it may be necessary to leave it standing for longer (at least 15-20 minutes) or you may need to repeat the cycle.
  • The efficiency of UltraCare Kerapoxy Cleaner depends on the amount of residual resin and how much time has passed since application.
  • For residues that have cured on the surface over time or if residues persist then use UltraCare Epoxy Off Gel, special highviscosity cleaner to remove epoxy residues.
  • For the use of products from the UltraCare range, please refer to the relative Techincal Data Sheets.


After mixing the two components as described above, spread the adhesive on the substrate using a suitable notched trowel. Firmly press the tiles/mosaics into the adhesive bed to guarantee good adhesive transfer. Once set, the bond is extremely strong and resistant to chemical agents.


This is a product with very low emission of volatile organic compounds and is classified Emicode EC1 Plus by GEV when used for grouting. Kerapoxy Easy Design may be mixed with up to 6 % by weight of MapeGlitter, metallised coloured glitter, to create aesthetic effects. Percentage depends on the aesthetic effect and workability desired. MapeGlitter is available in silver and gold.

Kerapoxy Easy Design may be mixed with Mapecolor Metallic, available in pre-dosed sachets (90 g, equal to 3% by weight of a 3 kg drum of Kerapoxy Easy Design), powder pigment based on very high-quality pearlescent mica, to create a metallic effect.
Mapecolor Metallic is available in Moonlight (similar to platinum), Sahara (similar to gold), Shining (similar to silver), Red clay (similar to copper), Stardust (similar to dark silver). In order to obtain a homogeneous mix, we suggest to add Mapecolor Metallic of the desired colour to Kerapoxy Easy Design 700 (translucent).
Mixing Mapecolor Metallic with Kerapoxy Easy Design of other colours may result in numerous metallic effects with different intensity and shades. It is recommended to carry out preliminary tests since the result may vary based on the colours and quantities used, however within the maximum dosage of 3% by weight so that the workability of the grout/mortar is not affected.

When applied correctly, Kerapoxy Easy Design produces joints with the following characteristics:

  • Excellent mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals, therefore excellent durability
  • Smooth and compact surface finish which is non-absorbent and easy to clean; it guarantees a high level of hygiene, where a high protection from the formation and proliferation of micro-organisms (such as fungus and mould) is required;
  • Excellent workability, much better than traditional epoxy mortars thanks to its creamy consistency, which guarantees faster application times and makes it easier to clean from surfaces, with less waste and easier to obtain a good finish
  • No shrinkage and no cracks
  • Uniform colours, resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents
  • Excellent bond
  • Certified according to ISO 22196:2011 as a grouting mortar protected against the formation and proliferation of microorganisms.


  • Use Kerapoxy IEG to grout ceramic floors subject to attack by oleic acids (ham curers, sausage factories, oil mills, etc.) and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Use a flexible sealant from the MAPEI range (such as Mapesil AC, Mapesil LM, Mapeflex PU 40, Mapeflex PU 45 FT or Mapeflex PU 50 SL) for flexible expansion joints or for joints subject to movement.
  • Kerapoxy Easy Design does not guarantee a perfect bond when used as a grout if the edges of tiles are wet or contaminated with cement, dust, oil, grease, etc.
  • If porcelain tiles are grouted with a contrasting colour of Kerapoxy Easy Design (for example black on white), carry out preliminary tests beforehand.
  • Always carry out preliminary tests before grouting stone or ground porcelain with a porous or rough surface.
  • Do not add water or solvents to Kerapoxy Easy Design to increase its workability.
  • Use the product at temperatures between +12°C and +30°C.
  • The packages are pre-dosed and, therefore, it is not possible to make mixing errors. Do not estimate the quantities when mixing: hardening will be compromised if the catalysing ratio is wrong.
  • If hardened Kerapoxy Easy Design has to be removed from the joints, use an industrial hot air blower. If hardened
    localised residues of the product remain attached to the tiles, use Pulicol 2000 for cleaning.
  • Kerapoxy Easy Design mixed with MapeGlitter or Mapecolor Metallic is not suitable for swimming pools or external use.
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