Lithofin Anti Slip Permanent Anti Slip Treatment - 6 sq./m Kit

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Lithofin Anti Slip Permanent Anti Slip Treatment - 6 sq./m Kit

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Anti slip treatment for natural stone and ceramic tiles. For use on balconies, terraces, stairs and bathrooms. Full set contains basic cleaner, anti slip fluid, gloves and sponges. The kit should be sufficient to treat approximately 6 square metres.

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The Lithofin Anti Slip Set consists of a Basic Cleaner and the Anti Slip Fluid. This set is suitable for making slippery ceramics, enamel and natural stone surfaces slip resistant.


  • 250ml Lithofin Basic Cleaner
  • 250ml Lithofin Anti Slip
  • 2 Sponges
  • Plastic Gloves

Coverage for up to 6 square metres

Basic Cleaner: mildly alkaline for removing oily and greasy dirt from ceramics and natural stone.

Appearance: liquid, yellowish Odour: non specific
Solubility in Water: complete
Anti Slip: fluorid containing product for roughing ceramic and natural stone surfaces.

The Lithofin Anti Slip Fluid chemically reacts with the surface of ceramics, enamel and silicate containing natural stones. The product etches small cavities into the surface, therby increasing the slip resistance.

Field of Use:
For rendering surfaces slip resistant. Especially suitable for porcelain, glazed ceramics, enamel and natural stone such as granite, gneiss, etc. This treatment also works on wet surfaces.

Directions for Use:

  • Preparation: the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Dilute Lithofin Basic Cleaner up to 1 to 5 with water and apply with a sponge. Vigorously scrub the surface with the rough
    pad on the sponge. Carefully rinse the clean surface with plenty of water to remove all product residues.
  • Treatment: first try the product in an inconspicuous area in order to evaluate the effect and determine the working time. Apply Lithofin Anti Slip to the clean and dry surface
    and immediately distribute the product evenly with the second sponge (wear the enclosed protective gloves). There should be a visible liquid film on the surface. During working time, repeatedly wipe and redistribute the product with the sponge, add more product if necessary.
  • Do not allow the product to dry (Lithofin Anti Slip only works as a liquid). Avoid foam. Continuously check the slip resistance by moving the sponge across the surface. Stop treatment when the desired effect is reached.
  • End Treatment: add water and a few drops of Lithofin Basic Cleaner to the solution on the surface, distribute immediately and wipe off the surface. Rinse well with clean water.
  • Please Note: especially the undiluted product must not come in contact with sensitive surfaces (polished limestone, marble, lacquer, wood, carpets, etc.). Immediately wash off any splashes. Protect metals and other adjoining areas. The surface to be treated must be completely clean and free of grease and care product residues. The surface temperature should be between 10 degree celcius and 25 degree celcius during application. Switch off under floor heating.

The surface is permanently altered on a microscopically small scale. Not suitable for acrylates and other plastics. High gloss and polished surfaces will become slightly less shiny. Natural stone may become lighter in colour.

Always try the product prior to use.

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