AquaFix Wetroom Shower Tray - 1400x900x30mm - 600mm Linear Offset Waste

AquaFix Wetroom Shower Tray - 1400x900x30mm - 600mm Linear Offset Waste

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AquaFix Wetroom Shower Trays are now available with a 600mm linear waste system. Available in a range of sizes they offer the ideal solution for creating tiled level access wet room showers. Manufactured with a pre-formed slope, to allow water to fl

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£190.44 inc.VAT (£158.70 ex.VAT)

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Wet room shower trays specifically designed for the UK market. AquaFix wet room shower trays are manufactured in the UK to exacting an specification which is well in excess of British Standards relating to wet room installations.

Product Attributes:

  • Manufactured with a pre-formed slope, to allow water to flow efficiently to the drain.
  • Fully waterproof, closed cell, high density extruded polystyrene shower former.
  • For use with Aquafix 600m Linear Waste system (steel or tileable) only.
  • Easy to install in conjunction with most tile backer boards and tanking systems. 
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all requirements.
  • Suitable for tiles 23mm square and above (bare foot traffic only on 23mm tiles)
  • Manufactured to fit Aquafix high flow square shower trapped drain system (60 litres per minute)
  • Created with a 10mm fall from the edge of the tray to the waste.
  • Drain upgrades available; including linear system, premium 6mm solid stainless steel and tileable option.
  • Tray sizes made to fit with AquaFix glass panel shower screens.
  • Full range of AquaFix designer accessories available.
  • Great Value; ideal for DIY and professional use.
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK to suit UK plumbing fixtures and fittings.
  • Suitable for use with electrical underfloor heating systems.

Please Note: The centre of the waste is 200mm from the edge of the tray.

AquaFix trays are made from premium grade, high density extruded polystyrene which is coated in specially formulated cement render which has a re enforcing mesh embedded within it.
When installed onto joists (following infill and support procedure) the trays will sit perfectly level in most UK bathrooms floors which have 20mm existing floor. This is overboarded with 10mm tile backer boards to acheive a consistent 30mm tray and floor.

More Useful Information About Aquafix Foam:

  • AquaFix foam products are all covered by a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Aquafix foam products have a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of ZERO.
  • Aquafix foam products have a ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of ZERO

Aquafix Linear Shower Gully Features

  • Designed for use with Aquafix Wet Room Shower Trays only.
  • Grate Size (Tileable or Steel): 600 x 40mm
  • Removable hair trap
  • High flow trap (60L per minute)
  • Horizontal Outlet pipe size 2"", with 1 1/2"" reducer (UK Solvent weld fitting)
  • Multi directional outlet with blanking plate
  • Dimensions of trap under installed tray: 170x80x80mm (length x width x depth)


Tile inserts for the linear drain should be stuck down using silicone sealant and the insert can a be a maximum of 12mm including the silicone. Thicker tile inserts can be used but the insert will simply sit higher than the stainless steel frame the tile sits in.

When using the tileable drain, the depth of the tile on the tray plus the adhesive underneath must be 13mm or more. This ensures tray tiles can finish level with the tileable drain insert. We recommend testing the insert and tray tiles to check they work together before starting to tile the tray.


Maximum Tile Thickness For Linear Drain = 14mm including adhesive.

NB: If the installation kit has been purchased, squares of sealband tape can be cut and stuck onto the height adjustable supports for the drain cover to raise it. This would allow for thicker tiles to be used on the tray without the stainless steel drain cover being lower than the level of the tiles.

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