Montolit 245T Titanium Replacement Scoring Wheel


Montolit 245T Titanium Replacement Scoring Wheel

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The new cover is a real shell for the protection of manual tile cutters in the Masterpiuma ranges.

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Is the well known top quality incision wheel by Montolit, now improved. Is studied to guarantee an outstanding life and to deal with any kind of structural stress with a cut comparable to a surgical incision .Art.245T works perfectly with ceramic “Pro” and high thickness tiles up to 2cm, this product can be use on all kind of ceramic materials, whether smooth or rough.

This new Incision wheel is coated in Titanium, assuring long life, perfect cuts, efficiency and fluidity, reducing all frictions.

Replacement Titanium Scoring Wheel For The Following Cutters:

  • All Masterpiuma Tile Cutters including the new P5 Power Cutter
  • All Masterpiuma Basic Tile Cutters
  • All Masterpiuma 2 Pull
  • All Minipiuma Tile Cutters
  • All Minimontolit Tile Cutters
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