Mapei Kerapoxy Special Cleaner for Epoxy Grout / Epoxy CQ Grout-0.75kg

Kerapoxy Cleaner is a detergent used to remove traces of epoxy grout such as Kerapoxy Kerapoxy P, Kerapoxy Design etc. from ceramic and glass mosaic coatings.

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Kerapoxy Cleaner is a detergent used to remove traces of epoxy grout such as Kerapoxy, Kerapoxy P, Kerapoxy Design, etc. from ceramic and glass mosaic coatings. The main purpose is to facilitate the removal of spray residues after the final wash with water. It can also be used to remove any light surface haze that may remain once the grout has dried i.e. the next day.

Some application examples

  • Removal of epoxy grout residues from the surface of ceramic and glass coatings.
  • Cleaning of the tile/mosaic surface of grouted with Kerapoxy, Kerapoxy, Kerapoxy P, Kerapoxy Design, etc. after completion of grouting.


Kerapoxy Cleaner is a concentrated liquid detergent for epoxy grout. Kerapoxy Cleaner is used to remove residues, stains and marks of epoxy grout without giving off hazardous fumes. If used correctly, Kerapoxy Cleaner does not damage either the tile/mosaic surface (check surface chemical resistance) or grouted joints.


  • Do not use on polished marble or stone.
  • Do not use on wood.
  • Do not use on methacrylate pools.
  • Before using Kerapoxy Cleaner on materials with an unknown surface resistance, test the product beforehand to make sure it does not damage the surface.
  • Before using the product, protect all surfaces which could be damaged in direct contact with the product.
  • Not suitable for removing heavy deposits of epoxy grout and for use with fully cured material. Use MAPEI Pulicol 2000.


Apply Kerapoxy Cleaner on the surface to be cleaned or on the traces of grout and leave standing for a few minutes. Then rub the surface with a Scotch-Brite® pad and rinse thoroughly with water. The product is particularly efficient on fresh grout. If cleaning is carried out a few hours after applying the grout, it may be necessary to leave it standing for longer (at least 15-20 minutes), or repeat the cycle.


Kerapoxy Cleaner is available in 0.75 kg spray bottles and 5 kg canisters.


Kerapoxy Cleaner may be stored for up to 24 months in its original, sealed packaging in a cool place.


Kerapoxy Cleaner is not considered hazardous according to current standards and regulations regarding the classification of mixtures.