LTP Low Friction Multi Directional Scrubbing Brush Head - 22cm

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This brush head has been designed and manufactured in the UK for cleaning ingrained dirt, oil, grease, and other staining from textured surfaces such as unpolished stone. 
The stiff bristled brush head has a hollow centre to reduce friction and make brushing easier.  
An appropriate cleaning solution should be used to break down the dirt and the brush simply works it in and releases it for rinsing away. 

The joint between the brush head and the 4 piece handle (purchased separately) is multi-directional allowing the brush head to stay parallel to the surface being cleaned. This remains true for brushing in all directions because of the double joint.

This products works exceptionally well with cleaning solutions such Hanafin Oxy Klenza, LTP Grimex, Lithofin Power Clean, Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner, Lithofin Wexa, and Lithofin Wax Off.