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DAST DW Acrylic Resin Based Primer - 5 Kg

DAST DW Primer is an acrylic resin based bonding promotor, designed to enhance the adhesion of tile adhesive to the surface being tiled. DW Primer can also be used on substrates prior to the pouring pouring of self levelling compounds.

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DW Primer is an acrylic resin-based primer, which is used to prepare substrates that need to be tiled or levelled with the desired qualities before applying cement-based tile adhesives, or levelling compounds.


DW PRIMER can be applied as a primer layer in various situations which include:

  • Old tiles
  • Smooth Surfaces
  • Natural Stones
  • Floor surfaces of cement such as concrete or cement screeds
  • Timber, including plywood
  • Metal


The surface where DAST DW PRIMER will be applied must be free of moisture, dust and oil or grease. On porous substrates such as concrete and plaster dilute DW Primer with water 1:1 i.e eual amount of water to primer. On non porous surfaces such as existing tiles pply DW primer undiluted.


Undiluted - approximately 50 square metres
Diluted 1:1 - approximately 100 square metres