DAST DW 3000 - Standard Set Tile Adhesive - C2TE S1 - WHITE - 25kg

DW 3000 Cement-based and flexible adhesive, for the adhesion of ceramic, gres, porcelain, etc, tiles.

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DW 3000 Cement-based and flexible adhesive, for the adhesion of ceramic, gres, porcelain, etc, tiles.

Classification of Product
DW 3000 is classified as C2TE S1 according to EN 12004, base C cement, 2 adhesive with high adhesive strength, T resistance to slip, and E prolonged working time and S1 as flexible adhesive.

Technical Data
Form - Powder
Color - White
Density - 1550 gr/L
Pot Life - 4 hours
Temperature of application - +5 Degree Celcius up to +35 Degree Celcius
Open time EN 1346 ≥ 30 minutes
Correction time ≥ 45 minutes


  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For moist areas
  • Good workability
  • For fixing ceramic, gres, porcelain tiles in hard surfaces.
  • For fixing ceramic, gres and porcelain tiles in gypsum surface, after being treated with DW PRIMER.
  • For fixing ceramic, gres and porcelain tiles on old existing tiles.
  • For fixing ceramic, gres and porcelain tiles on under-floor heating

Area of Use
DW 3000 is used for laying ceramic, gres and porcelain tiles, and tiles of different dimensions on various surfaces such as: concrete, isolating coatings, cement, plaster, old tiles, etc. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. DW 3000 can also be applied in deformable surfaces, such as: gypsum or wood tiles, under-floor heating, when it is reinforced with FLEXIT additive; this additive improves technical adhesive parameters.

Application Procedure
Preparation of the surface Cement-based traditional supports should have a sufficient maturity time of (28 days in 23°C temperature and U.R 40%). Supports should be flat and stable, in function of intended use. The support where the product will be applied should be clean and free of external materi- DW 3000 als, such as: paints, oils, varnishes, anti-adhesion materials. Cleaning is made mechanically or manually. Before the application of the product, the plasters should have a maturity time of at least 1week for 1 cm of thickness. The supports should be mechanically stable, in function ofintended use. The surface of the support where the product will be applied should be free of any type of external material.

For a better application of the product, and for a good and uniform spreading of it in the entire surface, it is recommended that you firstly lay the product on the support through the straight blade of the trowel, and then through its notched part. The product should be applied with a suitable trowel, depending on the type and dimensions of the tile. It is recommended that after laying the tile, you put pressure on it so that the back part of the tile gets completely saturated. Special conditions, such as: high temperatures or strong winds, sun or substrates with a high absorption of water, affect negatively the performance of the product and can even decrease significantly the spreading and correction time. To avoid these problems, it is recommended to sprinkle the support with water before the application of the adhesive, or to treat it with the liner DW PRIMER. However, in any case, before laying the tiles, it is important that you check if the adhesive has created a “skin”. In such cases, you should re-spread the adhesive in order to re-activate its adhesive strength. You should avoid pouring water on the adhesive which has created a “skin” (is solidified) because in such a case, an antiadhesive layer is created. In cases of coatings and floorings in outdoor environments, especially in cases when the back part of the tile has relief, it is recommended that you spread the adhesive in the pack part of the tile and also on the support, so as to avoid the creation of cavities where water can penetrate, or moisture can be created, which can cause tiles detachment or breaking.