ARDEX AF 200 Plus - Uncoupling Matting Adhesive - 6 Kg Pots

ARDEX AF 200 PLUS is a ready mixed adhesive ideal for installing fleece-backed uncoupling mats prior to tiling.
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  • Solvent free, low odour & very low emissions
  • Up to 19 sq./m coverage from a single tub - (6 kg Tub)
  • Ready mixed & resealable
  • Priming rarely required
  • Once matting is installed, tiles can be fixed immediately an hour after application
  • Exceptionally long tack time allows matting to be fixed up to
  • Ready to receive matting in as little as 5 minutes installation
  • High grab formulation reduces curling of the mat for easy
  • Suitable for adhering fleece-backed uncoupling matting to floors mats prior to tiling
  • Significantly reduces the time required to install uncoupling Features


ARDEX AF 200 PLUS is a ready mixed adhesive ideal for installing fleece-backed uncoupling mats prior to tiling. It has excellent grab and an exceptionally long tack time, with very good early and long term adhesive bond strength, allowing matting systems to be installed in as little as 5 minutes or up to an hour after application. Once the matting has been installed, tiling can commence immediately.

ARDEX AF 200 PLUS meets the requirement guidelines for the EMICODE licence ‘EC1 PLUS’, achieving the lowest possible emission limits.


ARDEX AF 200 PLUS is used to fix fleece backed uncoupling matting to timber, concrete and cement / sand screed subfloors prior to tiling, and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating systems.


Ensure adequate ventilation.

Where required, uneven subfloors can be levelled with the appropriate ARDEX Latex or Water-Based Levelling and Smoothing Compound e.g. ARDITEX NA or ARDEX K 39. Priming is not usually required, however, on highly absorbent surfaces it can be advantageous to prime with ARDEX P 51 Priming and Bonding Agent diluted 1:3 with cold, clean water. This will maintain the open time of ARDEX AF 200 PLUS, and ensure maximum coverage of the adhesive.

Timber floor constructions should be load bearing, clean, dry and free of dust and other contaminants. Chipboard floors should be free of wax type waterproofing layers, fire retardants etc. and any other barriers to adhesion. Any repairs such as re-fixing and replacing loose/damaged boards should be carried out before applying ARDEX AF 200 PLUS.

When applying ARDEX AF 200 PLUS onto concrete or cement/sand screeds, it is essential that the subfloor is dry i.e. the moisture content is no greater than 75% RH and contains a functioning damp proof membrane. Where an effective damp proof membrane is absent, or the relative humidity of the subfloor is above 75% RH, contact ARDEX Technical Services for further information.


Calcium sulphate screeds (anhydrite and hemihydrate screeds) should be dry, with the moisture content below 0.5% before the uncoupling matting is applied.

The screed surface is normally abraded to remove any weak and friable surface material, e.g. by belt sanding or similar, before the matting is installed. Contact the screed supplier for detailed instructions. The dry, prepared surface should be primed with ARDEX P 51 (diluted 1:3 with clean water), applied with a broom and allowed to dry. ARDEX AF 200 PLUS can then be applied but should be allowed to become tacky to improve drying prior to fixing the matting. Dependent on the information from the gypsum screed manufacturer, a suitably sand blinded coat of an epoxy primer such as ARDEX R3 E may be required. The uncoupling matting should then be fixed with an ARDEX Cement-Based Tile Adhesive.


ARDEX AF 200 PLUS is ready for use, but for optimum performance the adhesive should be thoroughly mixed to ensure the even dispersion of polymers before application.


Dry lay the uncoupling matting prior to adhering it to the subfloor to ensure accuracy of fitting.

Apply a ribbed adhesive bed of ARDEX AF 200 PLUS to the subfloor using a B1 or 2mm x 6mm V-shaped notched serrated trowel, and leave to air for 5-10 minutes. The matting must then be laid

into the wet/tacky ARDEX AF 200 PLUS fleece-side down, and pressed firmly into place using a steel trowel, abutting all edges. The matting must be installed within the 60 minute open time and can be adjusted and repositioned for up 20 minutes.

Tiling can commence immediately.

NOTE: The airing time is dependent on the absorbency of the subfloor and site conditions. Higher temperatures will shorten and lower temperatures will lengthen the time.

NOTE: If waterproofing properties are required, please refer to the matting manufacturer’s instructions for detailing of the joints between separate sections of the matting.


The steel should be rigid and abraded to provide a shiny, clean surface. ARDEX AF 200 PLUS can then be applied but should be allowed to become tacky, after approximately 10 minutes, prior to fixing the matting. Once the matting is installed, tiling can commence immediately.


Floor tiles can be fixed with an ARDEX Cement Based Tile Adhesive e.g. ARDEX MICROTEC X 77 or ARDEX MICROTEC X 78, and grouted with ARDEX-FLEX Flexible Tile Grout, or ARDEX EG 8 PLUS Epoxide Tile Grout for areas where chemical resistance and hygienic joints are required. When fixing moisture sensitive natural stone, we recommend the use of ARDEX MICROTEC S 27, ARDEX MICROTEC S 28 or ARDEX MICROTEC X 7001 Tile Adhesives and ARDEX MG Tile Grout.

NOTE: ARDITEX NA Ultra Rapid Setting Latex Levelling and Smoothing Compound can be applied direct to the uncoupling matting to create a flat, level surface ideal for tiling, making the subsequent application of the tile adhesive quicker, easier and more cost effective. For more information, consult the ARDEX Ultimate Uncoupling Matting Installation System guide or contact ARDEX Technical Services.


6kg of ARDEX AF 200 PLUS will fix approximately 19 sq./m of matting, and 14 kg will fix approximately 45 sq./m. For maximum coverage, use a B1 or 2mm x 6mm V-shaped notched serrated adhesive trowel and apply at a 45° angle.

NOTE: The actual coverage achieved in practice is affected by the application technique and the texture and absorbency of the subfloor.


ARDEX AF 200 PLUS has a shelf life of not less than 12 months if stored in good conditions, between 5°C and 30°C and in original unopened containers.

NOTE: For the latest technical or health and safety information on this product, consult the current technical or health and safety data sheet online at